Surfing 50 states…in Boston Massachussets…

Ils savent à peine surfer…mais ils ont réussi l’exploit de surfer dans les 50 états du pays de l’Oncle Sam…et à en faire un film sponsorisé par Hurley !

J’apprécie particulièrement cette séquence de Jonno Durant en train de dévaler les chutes d’une rivière glacée à Boston avec un casque, un gilet de sauvetage, des genouillères et des coudières fluos : la sécurité pour prévenir les accidents de surf n’a pas été négligée !!!

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Le synopsis :

« WHAT??!!! YOU WANT TO SURF IN EVERY STATE IN THE U.S.A???!!! », gasps anyone we tell. »YEP!! », we reply casually!

« DO YOU KNOW THAT NOT EVERY STATE IS ON THE COAST??!! », they quiz triumphantly.

« YEP!! », we reply casually!

For good mates Jonno and Stefan, travelling is a passion, almost as near to their heart as surfing! Nothing beats the adventures of being in a foreign land and embracing another culture… except dropping a couple of surfboards into the adventure. But as they watch endless documentaries on mysterious and unknown countries they pose the question ‘What happened to the places that we claim to know so much about… who’s exploring there?’

One such place is the good ol’ US of A, the one place that so many Australians love to hate. After all, Jonno and Stefan had grown up knowing full well that it is merely a country packed with arrogant, loud mouthed, George Bush loving, fat Anglo-Saxons who only care about themselves and know nothing about the world around them…oh yeah, and Hip-Hoppers. It was only upon traveling to the USA that they realised Australia’s perception of America can be extremely inaccurate and something had to be done about it. Thoughts and ideas begin to flow as they organised to make a young and fresh documentary like never seen before.

However upon chatting to some Yankees, Jonno and Stefan are rudely shocked when notified there are a whopping 50 states of America and nearly 300 million people. But in the true spirit of the modern day traveller they disregard this setback and decide to continue their journey, with a map in one hand and a plan in the other – To travel through all 50 states of America, meeting new friends along the way and investigating the real attitudes and beliefs of the average American citizen… AND SURFING IN EVERY STATE! This will require some initiative, especially for the inland states. But surfing is not restricted to the ocean, there is; snow, lakes, rivers, grass, concrete, puddles, crops, wavepools etc that can all be surfed on…plus inventing a few new methods of surfing along the way.

Planning to travel over 20,000 miles in a crazy Ice Cream Truck, Jonno and Stefan prepare for the unprompted circumstances that they will no doubt find themselves in, allowing spontaneous moments to be caught on camera. Meeting Mexicans, Chatting to Chinese, Probing Portuguese, Irritating the Irish, Adventuring with the Alaskan’s, the diversity of America is sure to be exposed. The boys aim to experience firsthand what life is like for the average American Joe, if there is such a thing. Impulsively firing them quirky questions about their culture, beliefs, opinions and knowledge of Australia.

This is guaranteed to be a unique eye opener for these two clean-living, fun-loving, extremely-hyperactive Aussie Boys. Additionally an educational experience for an Australian audience as they come to realise that maybe America isn’t what it’s portrayed to be in the movies. The diversity of societies and cultures across 50 states of America is bound to ignite non-stop action as our fellas investigate what life is really like living…and surfing, in the USA.


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  1. Précision : il est absolument proscrit de jouer sur un barrage ou une cascade de rivière comme mous l'a rappelé ce terrible double accident par noyade :

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