Vous avez été témoin ou victime d’un accident de surf ?

Si vous souhaitez raconter les circonstances de l’accident, et surtout les mesures de prévention qui auraient permis de l’éviter, vous pouvez laisser votre témoignage sur ce sujet.

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  1. Un surfeur de 21 ans a été blessé par une planche de surf à la tête et au cou : http://www.thisisnorthdevon.co.uk/news/Surfer-inj

  2. Un bodysurfeur victime d'un traumatisme du rachis à The Wedge : http://www.dailypilot.com/articles/2009/08/27/top

  3. Un surfeur retrouvé mort attaché à sa planche par le leash à Kimmeridge Bay (Dorset, Angleterre) : http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/dorset

  4. Craig Marshall, un surfeur de 15 ans de Caroline du Nord, mort noyé après avoir emmêlé son leash au niveau d'une jetée sur le spot de Outer Banks : http://www.wral.com/news/state/story/6230239/

  5. Un surfeur de 33 ans retrouvé mort dans des petites vagues dans le Queensland en Australie (cause inconnue) :

    A 33-year-old local man was spotted at around 12.20pm (AEST) on Monday floating face down close to shore in knee-deep water at Narrowneck, just north of Surfers Paradise.

    The Gold Coast's chief lifeguard, Warren Young, said the man's surfboard was floating close by.

    "Lifeguards responded, brought him in but weren't able to revive him," Mr Young said.

    "It's difficult to say what happened – it was only a small surf and he was surfing on his own."

    Mr Young said surfing alone posed a problem because if something went wrong, help was not available.

    "It's always good advice to surf with someone or near someone, and the more inexperienced you are the more important that is," he said.

    "It only needs the board to hit you, or to come in contact with a sandbank and maybe be knocked out momentarily to lead to a tragedy."

    Source : http://news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-national/man

  6. Un surfeur irlandais de 24 ans retrouvé mort en Thaïlande :

    The body of an Irish surfer has been recovered in Koh Phangan after an extensive search.

    Michael O’Brien, 24, was reported missing last week while on a surfing holiday in the island. His father, who had been in Thailand for a visit, had aided the authorities during the search operation.


    The surfer is believed to have been caught up in the high waves of the island paradise.

    Source : http://phangan.tv/news/irish-surfer-dies-on-phang

  7. Un surfeur d'une cinquantaine d'années est mort au large du Kahuku Golf Course sur le spot de Seventh Hole à Hawaii.

    "When paramedics and firefighters arrived shortly at about 12:15, bystanders were conducting CPR on the man, said Bryan Cheplic, spokesman for the city's Emergency Services Department.

    The man was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead, Cheplic said. An autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death."

    Source : http://www.honoluluadvertiser.com/apps/pbcs.dll/a

  8. Gregory Gladstone, un surfer local de 38 ans, est mort par noyade dans des conditions très solides à Newport Beach en Californie. Il n'a pu être réanimé par les lifeguards, les pompiers et les paramedics. Son décès a été prononcé à l'hôpital Hoag Hospital. L'autopsie devrait permettre de connaître les circonstances de sa mort.

    En savoir plus :



  9. Un surfeur de 49 ans décède après un malaise pendant une session de surf à Fingal Head en Australie : http://www.tweednews.com.au/story/2010/01/25/surf

  10. An autopsy for 58-year-old David Alan Kim, who died Tuesday after he was found floating unconscious in a remote area of Beacon’s Beach, revealed that the surfer’s death was a drowning accident.

    According to the Medical Examiner’s office, Kim was found pulseless and apneic when medics arrived on the scene. The autopsy, which was performed on Wednesday, also showed hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease as contributing conditions to Kim’s death.

    According to Encinitas lifeguard Capt. Larry Giles, Kim was collapsed across his surfboard when he was spotted drifting in the swells at about 11:30 a.m. Several other surfers paddled over to help, he said, and CPR was in progress when Encinitas lifeguards arrived on the scene with the Fire Department just before noon.


  11. Lee Harrington, un surfeur de 64 ans, meurt pendant une session sur son home spot de Hollister Ranch près de Santa Barbara. Pas de traumatisme apparent. Malaise cardiaque ? Rupture d'anévrysme ? http://www.surfline.com/surf-news/man-dies-surfin

  12. Peter Jones, ancien champion d'Europe de surf, victime d'un grave traumatisme crânien ayant nécessité une intervention neurochirurgicale : http://www.thisissouthwales.co.uk/news/Emergency-

  13. Un surfeur de 41 ans perd la vie pendant une session de surf sur une plage de Biscaye :

    "El mar volvió a cobrarse ayer otra vida. En este caso, el suceso se produjo en la playa vizcaina de Karraspio, en Mendexa. Un hombre de 41 años falleció mientras practicaba por la mañana surf en compañía de unos amigos. Aunque el hombre fue rescatado nada se pudo hacer por su vida.

    El buen tiempo que hizo durante la mañana de ayer animó a muchas personas a visitar los arenales vizcainos y el de Mendexa se encontraba a rebosar de gente paseando, tomando el sol y también practicando surf. La jornada, aunque soleada, pronto se oscureció en el arenal vizcaino. Una llamada al 112 alertaba de que un hombre que estaba surfeando había perdido el control y permanecía inconsciente sobre el agua.

    El varón se encontraba practicando este deporte en compañía de unos amigos. Precisamente fueron estos los que, al ver que el hombre no reaccionaba, se acercaron para sacarle del agua donde permaneció sin conocimiento. Una vez en la orilla intentaron reanimarle, pero fue imposible. El hombre ya había fallecido.

    Un helicóptero de Osakidetza se trasladó hasta la playa de Karraspio para atender al hombre pero, para cuando llegaron el surfista ya estaba muerto en la orilla. Habrá que esperar a la autopsia para conocer los motivos que provocaron la muerte del hombre. Al parecer y, según las primeras hipótesis que baraja la Ertzaintza, el deportista pudo sufrir un desvanecimiento mientras practicaba surf. Lo que sí confirmó la Policía vasca es que el hombre no presentaba golpe alguno en su cuerpo. Los sanitarios solo pudieron determinar el fallecimiento del hombre. El cuerpo del surfista permaneció en la playa hasta que un juez decretó el levantamiento del cadáver.


    Source : http://www.deia.com/2011/04/03/bizkaia/sucesos/un

  14. Un surfeur victime d'un traumatisme crânien qui lui a été fatal en se mettant à l'eau à Raglan en NZ :

    The death of a surfer at Raglan's popular Manu Bay has prompted a request for signs to be put up warning of the dangers of launching into the water from the notorious Jump Rock.

    Raglan man John Archibald Noble, 62, died after miscalculating a jump from the rock in April last year. He was washed against the rock and sustained a head injury, causing him to drown.

    An inquest was held on Friday to determine what if anything could be done to prevent such a death happening again.

    Raglan-based Constable Dean McMillan told coroner Gordon Matenga that it could be a dangerous jump and St John Ambulance officers being called to an injury at the rock at least once a month.

    Most involved just cuts and abrasions, but there had also been head injuries, fractures and ultimately Mr Noble's death.

    He said most Raglan surfers knew how to catch a wave from there, but he was worried for tourists' safety.

    "A lot of tourists tend to follow the locals like sheep and if they haven't done before it can be quite treacherous out there," he said.

    He told Mr Matenga that a sign highlighting the dangers of the rock might be useful.

    Mr Matenga agreed, despite a letter from Waikato District Council chief executive Gavin Ion saying he did not think extra signs would assist.

    "While I agree that there is a degree of personal responsibility that goes with these adventure sports, I do believe that a simple sign may assist," Mr Matenga said.

    He said Mr Noble had surfed there every day for many years and was very familiar with Jump Rock yet still "got it wrong".

    "This just highlights the dangers in this area to even the most experienced of users."

    He recommend that the council install a sign warning of those dangers.

    Following the hearing, Mr Noble's sister and son thanked two young surfers who helped pull his body from the water that morning.

    Sidney West, 17, was out surfing with his younger brother when they noticed the Mr Noble's board floating in the water.

    'Sidney pulled Mr Noble out of the water and called for help. Surfboard maker, and Mr Noble's friend, Ray Findlay then started performing CPR but it was too late."

    Source http://www.stuff.co.nz/waikato-times/5196022/Surf

  15. A VICTORIAN man died in a tragic accident at Mermaid Beach in Queensland yesterday.

    The man, a 48-year-old from Chapple Vale, in the state's southwest, was seen floating face down in the water near his surfboard about 1.15pm.

    He was pulled from the water unconscious by other beachgoers.

    Lifeguards and ambulance officers performed CPR for more than half an hour but were unable to revive him.

    It is believed the man suffered a cardiac arrest while paramedics were performing CPR.

    It's unclear if he landed hard on a sand bank or suffered a seizure in the surf. He died at the scene.

    It was believed he was on holiday.

    Source : http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/more-news/victor

  16. Un surfeur de 63 ans fait une crise cardiaque en fin de vague en Californie :

    An Aliso Viejo man who died while surfing in Oceanside suffered a sudden cardiac arrest, officials said Monday.

    Charles Solon Todd Jr., a 63-year-old married man, died while surfing at Surf Beach about 7:30 a.m. Saturday.

    Witnesses saw Todd ride a wave to shore, sit on his board and then collapse forward, according to the San Diego Medical Examiner's Office.

    Bystanders pulled Todd from the water as witnesses called 911. They were unable to revive Todd, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

    San Diego authorities Monday indicated that Todd's death was the result of a sudden cardiac arrest brought on by heart disease.

    C'est le deuxième cas de crise cardiaque en 2 mois dans la région après Russ Yamada, 42 ans : http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Surfer-Di

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